About Us...

This all started when the owner walked into his bathroom to about 3-4 loads of dirty laundry. With a 3 year old begging to go on motorcycle rides, and a two hour drive into the Bay Area ahead of him he knew he’d never get through his long to-do list for the day.

He asked himself why he can’t call someone to come take care of the clothes at an attractive price? A few weeks later, here I am typing up this story for you.

It wasn’t all about the laundry either. This venture was also put together with the intent of giving back to the local community on multiple levels. On top of hiring local people during these hard times we also help to stimulate the local economy by partnering with local laundromats. We help to fuel their business by funneling in revenue from people that were not able to get to their storefront. 

We hope to change the way people feel about laundry day. By The Basket is a new age answer to an age old problem. With the support of our local community we hope to improve the quality of life for every person we contact. Thank You for taking this time to read about us and what we aim to do.